American 20’s 🇺🇸

Lately I been busy trying to think of a way to not sound like I’m preaching to people whenever I write something and I have to admit, it’s hard. I think it’s because as humans, we naturally want to help each other and beside physically helping, the next best thing is giving advice. Now, there’s a problem with this. 1. How am I, a 20 year old kid supposed to give good advice to another kid around my age? I mean seriously, I can’t tell nobody shit because truthfully, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about! 2. Most people my age are very very basis. I’ve noticed this recently I was talking to a friend of mine about veganism and why she decided to switch over to the dark side. At first, her arguments we pretty valid. She was saying how it makes her feel better and kind of briefly going over the environmental effects. But then, things went to the left when I started presenting her some facts about why meat can be beneficial. She started saying crazy shit like, “Humans where never designed to eat meat” and “Meat eaters are brain washed” I’m just like what? Where are you getting your information from? Of course she couldn’t tell me. These where just her opinions and because she was uncomfortable with hearing something that was different, she went into defense mode. Which is not good if your trying to convince someone that your ideas are the best ideas. 

This coupled with a few other experiences drove me to believe that our young adult years are just filled with opinionated thoughts and tweets to follow them. I’m guilty of this too, of course and I don’t think I’m better than anyone by any means. I do however know that I look at situations with fresh unbasised eyes. This always me to form my own opinion and not feel the need to force it on anyone else. Whatever this life thing is we’re all going through is largely based on perspective and if you look through the eyes of an average American kid in there 20’s I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to find some striking similarities in opinion. 


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