who fr cares

all my life i’ve had people come in and out. friends, best friends, girlfriends, “family” etc. i fell like I’ve always known who cared and who didn’t. but you never REALLY know. i think the worst thing tho, is having someone that really cares, but your so caught up with people that don’t to notice when u have something good. i’m so guilty of this. especially when i come to my love live. i’m always saying “i want a girlfriend but no body likes me” or “man, all these girls are the same, it’s like blah blah” and it’s all bullshit. i’m just so caught up in what my eyes want and not what my soul needs.

sometimes it’s good to step back, and examine everything for what it REALLY is. stop telling myself, “she’s not tall enough” or “i’m sure they’ll come around eventually” all that shit is EXCUSES. it always comes back to a fucking excuse. i promised myself i’m going to stop making excuses and that means stop seeing people how i WANT them to be and start seeing people for what they really are.

if you wanna really see who cares, start treating people how they treat you.


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