how to rule to world 🌎

you gotta love youtube.

i was just looking at my front page and this showed up. genghis  khan. before watching this all i knew about this man was that he was like a warlord who killed millions and was merciless… and i was right. genghis khan was a genocidal ruler, a bit of ladies man and much more. i’m not going to go on to long about him or his life. that’s what the video is for. but i do want tell you how i feel and what i got from this.

being the ruler of the largest amount of land in history means that you have to be smart. you have to actually know what your doing and genghis khan definitely knew what he was doing. he had help of course, but when it came down to it, his decisions are what moved him forward. he couldn’t afford to make mistakes. he jumped off the pocket real early i mean like 12 or 13.

i really feel like there comes a point in time when we as humans have to make a decision. to given in and let life live you, or to take control and start living life. it could come from anything really. a relationship, near death experience, money, shelter, anything. i’ll describe it as, enlightenment. when your so focused because you know exactly what you want.

you could say it was his destiny, or he was just crazy 😂


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