the beauty of brasil

ever since i was a kid, brasil has been my favorite. not just one of my favorite countries, but my favorite thing. mabye it’s the food, maybe its the language, maybe it’s the people (girls). who know’s, but after watching this video, i think it’s the people (girls).

when you think about brasil, what do you think about? a majority of people would say basically the same thing: soccer, beaches… the beautiful people. and honestly, they have good reason. brasil is one of a few countries that’s known for their people being extremely attractive. this could be because of brasil’s highly diverse and large population (it is the 5th most populous country in the world). and you can see that Β in all the different people.


but, i have a theory.

brasilians are known for being extremely friendly. so.. i think all the brown mixing is due to everyone getting along (if you know what i mean)

your probably thinking the same thing as me, “yo fashion week brasil must be like going to heaven.” or maybe “yo every week in brasil must be like going to heaven.”

i can’t wait to visit.

so let me know what you think about this video. i could go on on about this amazing place. eu muito adoro brasil!


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