indigo child

i think i just answered a question i’ve been asking myself for years.


lately i’ve been really getting into the spiritual stuff; you know, chakaru’s and 3rd eyes and lucid dreaming, all that jazz. but, i never made the connection until just recently. now, i’m not jumping to conclusion and saying i am one of these indigo children, but i will be doing more research to find out. just by watching a few videos i can already tell that my little brother is one. he’s been having these crazy dreams/visions for years.

this video here kind of gave me a general idea of the culture and social stigma behind indigo people. you’ll notice quickly that it’s not just children. these people are all ages, ways of life, and colors. you mite even see some characteristic that relate to you. i will say they all have one thing in common; as chlidren they’ve had simiular conditions to ADD, often being told there’s something wrong with them.

i find that hard to believe. considering i could relate to a lot of their stories and i passed high school just fine.

once i’ve done more research and self evaluation i’ll be sure to let you all know if i’m indigo or now.

but what i want to know now is…

are you indigo?


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