thanks, girl


thank you, girl

thank you for the knowledge i really appreciate it. you want me to be better just as much as i want everyone else to be better. i want to see you. i want to see how i am around you. i’ve been around a lot of girls i thought i liked. i’ve tried to make myself like them but it is always only lust. i’m beginning to know myself more. no thanks to you of course, this was all me baby, and you can be proud of that…

because for a long time i put my happiness into her and her. so for a long time i never was happy. thanks for the knowledge, i know i said this before but mean it. you gave me the key to self love and i follow your lead. on my journey of self awareness i look to you for advive. tips and tricks.

thanks, baby girl

i say that because i know you like how it sounds. i’m not looking for love anymore, i’m looking for a friend and i can’t help but think you feel the same way. but i’m in no rush. i’m letting the law of attraction do its thing. so until our time comes..

thanks, girl


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