what i learned about love from naruto


so i just watched “The Last – A Naruto Movie” last night and i have to say, it really got me in my feelings. i’m sure many of you know about naruto already but maybe you haven’t seen this movie yet (i highly recommend it) so ill give you a my quick synopsis: it’s a love story.

yeah that’s not saying much but other than that it’s the basic, there’s a villain, he wants to do some villain shit (in this case, destroy the world, which i have to say is pretty epic for a naruto story) and they stop him.


but, the love part the story is what really intrigues me. as you already know, hinata has always had a thing for naruto. but she never really expressed herself to him because she is an extremely shy girl (and if you didn’t know now you do). and i couldn’t help but think:

how many hinata’s do i have in my life?

now at first i thought, “i don’t have any. who would like me THAT MUCH? and if they did, i would definitely know.” and i’m sure a lot of you can say the same but…

would we know?


really, if where comparing this to naruto and hinata, then we wouldn’t (and there wouldn’t be hinata(S), it would only be one person). we would be just as ignorant as naruto was for all these years. we would just have this amazing person in our lives, but… we would go every day ignoring them… not on purpose but, just because we didn’t know, or worse… we don’t think we’re good enough for someone like that…

not too long into the movie, naruto gets trapped in a dream world; full of memories from his past. i’m not going to go into everything but basically he finally realizes hinata is the one for him and always has been. naruto has an epiphany and from that moment on he can not stop thinking about hinata. he wants to be with her, protect her… grow with her.


this movie has taught me… never take anyone for granted, people have LAYERS, and really, love is something you can not always see or understand. i think naruto couldn’t understand her love for all these years. because hinata actually did profess her love to him once during the series but it never went to the next level until now. he just felt like her love was that of a friend.

i can’t help but believe that we all have a hinata in our life. we just have to find them. but the best part is, most of the time, their right in front of us. we just have to open our eyes.






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